We are asking: WHat does it look like to KNow God, KNow who we are in Christ and navigate what it looks like to be know to the world?

Five days are packed full of creativity, worship, training and connection. Learn in hands-on-training from seasoned teachers about their specialty area (Deans and Teachers announced soon). The cost is $175 (including lunch daily and free night-time sessions Wed-Fri to Worship in the Valley).

Monday June 25th, 4pm-6pm registration with a 6pm kick-off

Tuesday-Friday: June 26th-29th, 9am-4pm

Daily Schedule (Tuesday-Thursday):
8-9am                      Outdoor Soaking Session
8:45-9am                 Check-in & Registration
9am-10:30am          Worship (Live Band) and General Session
10:30am-12am        Break-Out Sessions
12pm-1:15pm          Lunch and Creative Community Time
1:15pm- 2:30pm      General Session
2:45pm- 3:45pm      Break-Out Sessions
3:45-4pm                 Group Finally

*Night time sessions Wed-Fri to Worship in the Valley


Each student can choose from a track to specialize in, taught by our Deans and Teachers. Choose from: 
Worship Leading
Visual Arts
Worship Pastor



Centerpoint Church Murrieta
24470 Washington Ave
CA 92562